The music scene is about to get even more explosive 💥⚡️💥

Wow well let me tell you a quick story as to how I even knew that this guy bloody existed . 

From the Man himself  “Don’t you who i am ! ” . 

Well I do now & for those of you who don’t , here is YOUNGANZ FUSION 

Well here is that very own quick story so last Saturday the 12th me , my ex (don’t ask) & friends went to see some of our friends perform at a gig which is a local event called BREAK THINGS , run by Don’t Flop Entertainment which is an online media platform for rap artists .

After the , after party which was held at The Paddock , my ex said he would catch us up , but a split second later a taxi arrived so I asked if I could jump in it rather than walking home alone , it was for my friend & his friend , just another random guy , or so i thought 💭 .

The very short journey home – 

All the usual questions from my friends pal ensued very quickly, firing at me like bullets , so it’s only appropriate I use a bulleted list , right ? – 

  • Your fit 
  • Your not like other girls , you have respect 😉
  • Can i have a kiss 😘 
  • Can i have another one 
  • Don’t you know who I am 

Yes I did snog him with much hesitancy at 1st as we was at each end & my friend was seated in the middle & he’s good friends with my ex so us two leaning over my poor friend who’s unwittingly stuck in the middle , to go all in for that 1st smoochy kiss , would of put my friend in an awkward position, I thought at the time , turns out he was neutral regarding the whole thing .

Don’t YOU know who i AM –

Anyway just before getting out the taxi (he got one more crafty kiss) & then proceeded to check out my instagram (diaryofanordinarygirl80) to go onto his page to increase his likes , cheeky .

The following day i proceeded to check him out & this guy (check out the attached poster) is already going places , the talent , pure skill & determination is literally steaming from his ears , yes he really is that fiery . 

Pure . Talented. Genius.

Go check him out on you tube with the links provided .

You may be thinking , what does this has to do with , my Mental Health blog , well this music  artist is seriously talented & music is great therapy right 👍🏾