When your mental health inadvertently effects your physical health …

When your mental health inadvertently effects your physical health ...

What happened tonight is a bit of a blur , as understandably so it's affected my memory . But during an angry psychotic episode a door fell full force on my head it's already off its hinges , so imagine the full force of the door just basically fell on me , the instant pain was such a shock to my system I fell to the floor . Anyway I rang 111 for advice , and they dispatched an Ambulance which  came & a sych nurse came & police man came who specialises in Mentak health , & they all checked me over in every way possible although I refused to go to urgent care . And The door 🚪 was already off its hinges but it was fixed in place so it couldn't move , I kicked the door , as i was impulsively angry during a  psychotic episode . And as I was putting the door back to its original place , the full door 🚪 , fell full force on top of me . The pain was that intense i was in shock n fell to d floor .

So I'm taking it very easy as my face jaw & head are in agony .

It's scary how quickly things have eacalatedb& how bad things have got , where I've now acquired two head injuries in less than 24 hours .


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Love Becky

Bipolar again ….

Hey everyone these past couple of days i haven’t felt very well at all with my emotionally unstable borderline personality disorder & my Bipolar disorder . I’m putting it down to my ex partner who is still living with me & that’s caused me a great deal of distress lately. Also my phone bill has been cut off , so I haven’t got any one to talk to , apart from him . I hate ringing the crisis team , but now I haven’t even got that option , so I’m just chilling, trying to take it easy ….

Much love ❤️ 

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September 2015 Part 2

img_0957img_0899After taking a substantial overdose of 32 paracetamol, downed with glasses and glasses of full fat milk , because I find it very difficult to swallow large tablets , they have to be very tiny indeed , for me to not have a problem with swallowing them .

I arrived at the unit & after having a chat with a nurse , the same lady who told me the dreaded news , that i am now detained under the mental health act , under a Section 2 , the kind lady also gave my boyfriend a lift back home , (see part one September 2015 part 1 ) .

I had a bad feeling about this unit from the moment I first arrived, it was outdated, cold , unwelcoming, unfriendly, & it was a mixed ward serving both male & female inpatients, which is rarely heard of nowadays, & don’t even get me started on the food .

As we all know by now Hospital food definitely isn’t the best , but the inpatient food isn’t usually too bad , but at Ormskirk it seriously was the worst food I’ve ever tasted while staying in an inpatient unit , in fact taste , their definitely was no taste at all , as it was extremely bland , no flavour, with either over cooked meat, or vegetables that are so hard , they may as well still be frozen , and the most outdated bit that I hated the most , was the fact that I had to share a room with another poorly patient, with only a blue flimsy paper curtain , that could be drawn around our beds , being the only form of privacy.

My admission stay in total was four weeks.

Im glad that this is my only admission to this ward , no care plans were well thought out , it was too formal & had to much of a clinical feel for an inpatient ward , I often found the staff with an abrupt & sometimes cold attitude.

I do have to admit though, that the mental health services are starting to make such improvements, such as , making all wards same sexed wards , making the environment more therapeutic for the service users , & strengthening staff training & skills , to furthermore support their patients,however i do strongly believe that strong & effective change should be implemented across every single trust , no matter how large or small , across the WHOLE of the UK .


Another parent takes her own life after having children stolen by Social Services.

Social Action 2014

 Another parent takes her own life after having children stolen by Social Services.

Please Share. Another parent takes her own life after having children stolen by Social Services.

THIS BEAUTIFUL PERSON Lacie Dryer committed suicide this morning in her home. Heartbroken from her children being taken away by CPS. She was one awesome mom sister friend and loved everyone. How could someone so strong… I can’t believe this happened. Suicide is never the answer ppl. I miss her already. Please keep her family in your prayers.

Source: Facebook memorial

Source: obituary

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The music scene is about to get even more explosive 💥⚡️💥

Wow well let me tell you a quick story as to how I even knew that this guy bloody existed . 

From the Man himself  “Don’t you who i am ! ” . 

Well I do now & for those of you who don’t , here is YOUNGANZ FUSION 

Well here is that very own quick story so last Saturday the 12th me , my ex (don’t ask) & friends went to see some of our friends perform at a gig which is a local event called BREAK THINGS , run by Don’t Flop Entertainment which is an online media platform for rap artists .

After the , after party which was held at The Paddock , my ex said he would catch us up , but a split second later a taxi arrived so I asked if I could jump in it rather than walking home alone , it was for my friend & his friend , just another random guy , or so i thought 💭 .

The very short journey home – 

All the usual questions from my friends pal ensued very quickly, firing at me like bullets , so it’s only appropriate I use a bulleted list , right ? – 

  • Your fit 
  • Your not like other girls , you have respect 😉
  • Can i have a kiss 😘 
  • Can i have another one 
  • Don’t you know who I am 

Yes I did snog him with much hesitancy at 1st as we was at each end & my friend was seated in the middle & he’s good friends with my ex so us two leaning over my poor friend who’s unwittingly stuck in the middle , to go all in for that 1st smoochy kiss , would of put my friend in an awkward position, I thought at the time , turns out he was neutral regarding the whole thing .

Don’t YOU know who i AM –

Anyway just before getting out the taxi (he got one more crafty kiss) & then proceeded to check out my instagram (diaryofanordinarygirl80) to go onto his page to increase his likes , cheeky .

The following day i proceeded to check him out & this guy (check out the attached poster) is already going places , the talent , pure skill & determination is literally steaming from his ears , yes he really is that fiery . 

Pure . Talented. Genius.

Go check him out on you tube with the links provided .

You may be thinking , what does this has to do with , my Mental Health blog , well this music  artist is seriously talented & music is great therapy right 👍🏾