Dance For Comic Relief Facebook Live

Dance For Conic Relief

I have a fab idea to raise money for comic relief through Facebook live while in hospital battling mental illness , as I am aware that some of the funds have and do go to people , and support agencies in the uk to those suffering with their mental ill health . Many of you have/do suffer with ill mental health or know of someone that does . And even if you don’t , it’s good to all support and be there for one another , even if you just share this post with everyone . THANK YOU 🤗 .


I’ll be doing a sponsored Facebook live Dance for Comic relief , I’ll be hoping to get others to join in too . You don’t have to know how to dance or be confident , you could just give us a smile or a wave , or show off your Comic Relief Red Noses . If you can’t be here in person , just sit back and laugh at us 🔴😂🔴 .

Let’s do something funny for money and try to make a real difference .

Dance For Comic Relief


September 2015 Part 2

img_0957img_0899After taking a substantial overdose of 32 paracetamol, downed with glasses and glasses of full fat milk , because I find it very difficult to swallow large tablets , they have to be very tiny indeed , for me to not have a problem with swallowing them .

I arrived at the unit & after having a chat with a nurse , the same lady who told me the dreaded news , that i am now detained under the mental health act , under a Section 2 , the kind lady also gave my boyfriend a lift back home , (see part one September 2015 part 1 ) .

I had a bad feeling about this unit from the moment I first arrived, it was outdated, cold , unwelcoming, unfriendly, & it was a mixed ward serving both male & female inpatients, which is rarely heard of nowadays, & don’t even get me started on the food .

As we all know by now Hospital food definitely isn’t the best , but the inpatient food isn’t usually too bad , but at Ormskirk it seriously was the worst food I’ve ever tasted while staying in an inpatient unit , in fact taste , their definitely was no taste at all , as it was extremely bland , no flavour, with either over cooked meat, or vegetables that are so hard , they may as well still be frozen , and the most outdated bit that I hated the most , was the fact that I had to share a room with another poorly patient, with only a blue flimsy paper curtain , that could be drawn around our beds , being the only form of privacy.

My admission stay in total was four weeks.

Im glad that this is my only admission to this ward , no care plans were well thought out , it was too formal & had to much of a clinical feel for an inpatient ward , I often found the staff with an abrupt & sometimes cold attitude.

I do have to admit though, that the mental health services are starting to make such improvements, such as , making all wards same sexed wards , making the environment more therapeutic for the service users , & strengthening staff training & skills , to furthermore support their patients,however i do strongly believe that strong & effective change should be implemented across every single trust , no matter how large or small , across the WHOLE of the UK .


Another parent takes her own life after having children stolen by Social Services.

Social Action 2014

 Another parent takes her own life after having children stolen by Social Services.

Please Share. Another parent takes her own life after having children stolen by Social Services.

THIS BEAUTIFUL PERSON Lacie Dryer committed suicide this morning in her home. Heartbroken from her children being taken away by CPS. She was one awesome mom sister friend and loved everyone. How could someone so strong… I can’t believe this happened. Suicide is never the answer ppl. I miss her already. Please keep her family in your prayers.

Source: Facebook memorial

Source: obituary

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Attempted Suicide & Self Harm in Personality Disorders …

R.I.P Helen 😢

Mental Health Support Worldwide & Support In Pregnancy & Motherhood

I’m writing this article in light of the news that I read by the Woman found hanged at Hull Mental Health Unit . I wasn’t a close friend as such , but we was both patients at …

Source: Attempted Suicide & Self Harm in Personality Disorders …

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Keeping it real 👌🏾

Dear followers , here is my latest Facebook Live Video, please can u share my video I’m trying to help others , please share , I’m just trying to raise awareness of Mental Health Issues 👌🏾

And the video (My Facebook Live Video) is to hopefully show people that if an every day girl like me can struggle & do it , then so can you 😀

Take care 

Happy Blogging 

Love Becky…