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My amazing Daughters

The one on the top is the one I’ve brought up as my own since a baby , so she will always be My Daughter to me , & I’ll always treat them both equally, biologically mine or not . I’ll always treat her the same as my biological Daughter. They are my world & I’m incredibly proud of them both. Particularly the eldest , she’s come such a long way & she’s grown so much in confidence . I’m so proud & privileged to be able to say that I’ve been able to , play the role of Mother to her .

Happy Blogging .

Love Becky xx

September 2015 Part one 

I doubt I’ll ever do this again, but it was pretty grim when i took an overdose. It’s not the 1st time I’ve done it , but this time was definitely the worst . I came very close to requiring a liver transplant, it was definitely the scariest one & something I would recommend not doing .

The hot sweats , the gurning of the mouth , vomiting constantly for 72 hours , my vomit was black in colour & due to the frequency of the vomiting, my throat was incredibly sore too . The most frustrating part was ,when I had just laid down & had just got comfy , & then I’ll be throwing up again , up down, up down , sitting up , throwing up , laying back down & no less than 10 minutes later , up and down again . The black sick also had some blood in it , which left my throat incredibly sore , so of course I didn’t eat either, as I found it pretty much impossible to eat .

So after arriving at A&E & waiting for four hours for my blood results , it was confirmed that my paracetamol levels were really high , it didn’t help that I had done it before , as my body was already weak , weak doesn’t come close , I was feeling so incredibly weak , that I just can’t explain it .

I was put on Two drops 1 at 1st to flush all the toxins out , & a fluid drip as i wasn’t eating or drinking. My partner visited me every day which I was grateful for, but I’ve never felt so ill in my life . I so could of easily been transferred to the liver Unit in Leeds , had me or my partner left it any longer .

I was in the hospital for about 5 days . After all the treatment was finished , two professionals from the mental health crisis team came to see me for an assessment, and the conclusion from this assessment was that I would be placed on a Section 2 , & that happened with an immediate effect . I was very scared when the lady came to my Hospital bed to tell me this piece of information, particularly as she had stated that , the nearest bed could quite possibly not local at all , which is a great fear & a scary thought , especially when it comes to visitors, as my partner doesn’t drive .

After a short while the lady came back to my bed & delivered the news that we was fearing , the nearest unit was in Ormskirk, a little village near Liverpool. And I was to go there straight away , my partner came with me on the hour or so journey , in the designated patient transport , just before heading off though I was frantically trying to google the transport links to Ormskirk, but to no avail . It was a very nervous & apprehensive journey .

I arrived at the unit & after having a chat with a nurse , the same  lady who told me the dreaded news , that i am now detained under the mental health act  , under a Section 2 , the kind lady also gave my boyfriend a lift back home .

To be continued ….

So frigging scared right now 🙈😓

Dear Bloggers below is one of my recent tweets from Twitter 

@Bipolar_BPD: #Acceptance that my #mentalillness has robbed me of #Motherhood but that the light is still inside me , is the hardest thing to #Accept “. And these are my two babies ☺️❤️☺️ , & this is the ride of Bipolar & Pregnancy & Emotionally Unstable Borderline Personality Disorder …

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Keep Smiling ☺️☀️✌🏾️

Proud Mummy Moment 😊 xx

Can’t believe she’s a month old already it goes so quick. She’s turning her head & she’s started to smile & she’s been lifting her head up for the past week or so now . She’s doing really well & is very advanced for her age considering she should only b about a week old now . She’s gorgeous I’d do anything for her I nvr want to let her go wen I’m holding her 🙂 xx


Can’t believe how much I’ve achieved & how much my life has changed forever since becoming a Mum , it really is life changing but yet oh so rewarding 👶😊👶

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Love Becky & Baby 😊👌😊


Happy Mothers Day 😊👩😊

Happy Mothers Day Everyone 🎉😊🎉 hope u have all had a lovely day ….

And for those of u whose mothers/daughters aren’t with them , then I still hope u celebrated Mothers Day in your own special way , Happy Mothers Day xxxx

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Love Becky 😊😊