Hey I’m Becky born in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, UK , but now living in Lancashire working in the events industry part time and of course blogging .

I have always suffered from ill mental health with bouts of depression and anxiety .

I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2008 although I never knew that I had it until 2012 , shortly after giving birth .

In December 2012 when I was in my third trimester I was admitted to a psychiatric intensive care unit after spending seven days in the acute mental health assessment unit . Only six hours after giving birth I was transferred to a female acute mental health unit as i was experiencing the symptoms of psychosis, post-partum psychosis to be precise . I ended up staying in hospital for a year , yep that’s right 12 long consecutive months in various different units including psychiatric intensive care , acute mental health units , assessment units , and two rehabilitation units.

In 2014 I finally received my diagnosis of Bipolar affective disorder when I moved to Lancashire, one of my Doctors at one of the rehabilitation units in Hull , East Yorkshire spotted some of the signs but unfortunately failed to diagnose, I believe at the time she wasn’t 100% sure so she held back . I had always thought for quite a long time that I was dual diagnosed , so having the confirmation was a relief as I could finally at last be treated correctly. My pregnancy brought on my Bipolar disorder, I also suffer from anxiety.

I am blogging to raise awareness of perinatal mental health and mental health in general so others can see what it is like from the sufferers perspective, also because everyone has heard of post – natal depression but not half as many are aware about the lesser two talked about conditions post – partum psychosis ( being pregnant can cause you to hear voices , have dillusions , become paranoid etc ) and post partum Bipolar disorder ( a mood disorder which must not be confused with depression) .

Thank You for taking the time to read my blog .





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