September 2015 Part 2

img_0957img_0899After taking a substantial overdose of 32 paracetamol, downed with glasses and glasses of full fat milk , because I find it very difficult to swallow large tablets , they have to be very tiny indeed , for me to not have a problem with swallowing them .

I arrived at the unit & after having a chat with a nurse , the same lady who told me the dreaded news , that i am now detained under the mental health act , under a Section 2 , the kind lady also gave my boyfriend a lift back home , (see part one September 2015 part 1 ) .

I had a bad feeling about this unit from the moment I first arrived, it was outdated, cold , unwelcoming, unfriendly, & it was a mixed ward serving both male & female inpatients, which is rarely heard of nowadays, & don’t even get me started on the food .

As we all know by now Hospital food definitely isn’t the best , but the inpatient food isn’t usually too bad , but at Ormskirk it seriously was the worst food I’ve ever tasted while staying in an inpatient unit , in fact taste , their definitely was no taste at all , as it was extremely bland , no flavour, with either over cooked meat, or vegetables that are so hard , they may as well still be frozen , and the most outdated bit that I hated the most , was the fact that I had to share a room with another poorly patient, with only a blue flimsy paper curtain , that could be drawn around our beds , being the only form of privacy.

My admission stay in total was four weeks.

Im glad that this is my only admission to this ward , no care plans were well thought out , it was too formal & had to much of a clinical feel for an inpatient ward , I often found the staff with an abrupt & sometimes cold attitude.

I do have to admit though, that the mental health services are starting to make such improvements, such as , making all wards same sexed wards , making the environment more therapeutic for the service users , & strengthening staff training & skills , to furthermore support their patients,however i do strongly believe that strong & effective change should be implemented across every single trust , no matter how large or small , across the WHOLE of the UK .



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