Always Unstable : Bipolar & Hospitalisation – By Megan Shultz

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Meet Megan one of my many hundreds of Twitter followers & Mental Health Bloggers , she lives in South Australia , and she suffers Bipolar Disorder ,.Borderline Personality Disorder & Anxiety .

For information on all of these conditions , please see the links below 🙂

Bipolar Disorder
Anxiety & Panic attacks
Borderline Personality Disorder
Bio: I am 27 years old I’ve been living with mental illness for a very long time. But I decided long ago that I wouldn’t let that define who I am anymore. I am so much more than my illnesses. I am a writer, a painter, a knitter, and an avid walker. I love the winter time; I love the rain. I also have a constantly growing collection of stuffed animals. I love tattoos.
Always Unstable: The Book I Almost Gave Up On

When I started writing this book I had no intention of finishing…

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