10 Ways to REALLY Help Someone Who Has a New Baby – by Shelly Lopez Gray (Registered nurse)

Kindness Blog

mother with newborn tired wallpaperI would have given a kidney if someone would have done any of these things for me after the birth of mysecond child. To the people who brought my family food while I was so busy with my baby, you will never know the full extent of my gratitude!

1. Take their other kids somewhere.

Anywhere โ€” just get them out of their house. Itโ€™s so much harder when you have to tend to a new baby and to your other kids. So take out her other children as often as you can!

2. Bring food.

And I mean food that comes in a disposable pan or food that you can dump in a crock pot. Do not bring anything that sheโ€™ll have to wash and worry about getting back to you. If you just donโ€™t cook, bring paper plates and silverwareโ€ฆ so if sheโ€™s forced toโ€ฆ

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