I’m Bipolar, But I’m Not Insane: How To Tell People About Your Disorder

Thought Catalog

Flickr/Margot GabelFlickr/Margot Gabel

The scariest part of having bipolar disorder — other than the constant fear you’re depressed or manic– is someone finding about your diagnosis. There are a variety of reactions. Some people are supportive, some people, not so much. Telling someone about your deepest, darkest secret is revealing your most vulnerable self. It puts you in a position to become infinitely closer with someone… and it also puts you in the position to get hurt.

Roommates, specifically, are a difficult breed to read. To tell or not to tell? They live with you, they dine with you, they see you at your most hungover and in your flyest outfit. In my opinion, they deserve to know something that is such a huge part of your life. They can even be assets, after all they would be the first to observe symptoms like not sleeping or sleeping too much.


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