The PLACEBO Affect 

Medications aren’t always the answer 

 And this is what i tell everyone on medication , but do they listen , NO . Their is such a vast range of medications  used to treat mental illnesses & disorders , that even the wonderful Dr treating you can often find it tricky to find the right type of medication suitable for u & your condition. What works for one person with Anxiety, can so not work for the next person & so on . Their is simply no straightforward pill cures everything answer . 

And not forgetting what most people don’t even bother 2 read The small print, that annoying leaflet you get in your Annoying bloody pill box , & their is where outweighing the benefits & risks of taking your Medication , becomes such a minefield. 

Here’s 1 quick example : Is the medication you are taking for your Anxiety (eg Lorazepam) really helping your anxiety, when said listed Side Effects r heart palpitations which is a sign of Anxiety, which is why you started taking the Medication in the 1st place. 

Of course everyone is so Different,but it’s merely just food for thought 🙂 

Antideppressants will begin to stop working after y’ve  been taking them for a while because your brain gets so accustomed to them , which can then be something called the placebo affect & if your not treating the underlying cause with a combination of counselling & medication , or counselling then medication , then really what is the point as when you come off your medication of course your problems are still their & its a vicious cycle 🙂

Any questions or messages then please feel free to comment, or drop me a message via my Twitter & Facebook links on my blog page 🙂

Happy blogging 

Becky & Bump 👶😊👶


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