The Most Selfless Thing You Can Do For An Animal Is Adopt One

So true 🐶👌🐶

Thought Catalog


Every pet owner can recall the surge of excitement that comes with bringing home a new puppy or kitten. You spend days animal-proofing your house, looking for every way your new fur baby could get into trouble. You throw away questionable plants and move delicate decor into storage. You spend an hour scrutinizing the items in the pet store, comparing food brands and over-spending on toys, ready to spoil your new friend rotten. 

The first few days of owning a new pet are undoubtedly filled with an abundance of playtime and joy. Your pet will be all over your Instagram; you are certain that your 300 followers can’t go 24 hours without seeing what your buddy has been up to. You will worry about him or her when you’re at work, and you’ll be relieved to see such a happy face when you return at the end of…

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