Call me MAD or call me BipolarCrazy-My 2nd risky pregnancy….

IMG_2703Wow I never expected that I’d be pregnant again 😱 . I don’t have periods @ all , so I literally didn’t c this one coming . We literally wasn’t prepared & with my 1st child removed at birth , admittedly I was petrified 😱 . This pregnancy however the circumstances are a lot more positive . I’ve spent 5 weeks in a physciatric unit , social workers haven’t been too bad & I have a supportive partner 👌

However their are some physical concerns for this little girl (due date 12/03/2015) , could be something wrong with the placenta & she’s not growing properly . This is a worrying time for us . I didn’t hold my 1st child @ birth , I couldnt bear not holding any of my children at birth whatever the reasons 😥 . Hopefully she will just be another small baby & it WILL B OK , I have 2 believe that it WILL be OK 😊 . In the midst of all this I’m managing my Bipolar & BPD & fighting 2 see my 2 year old Taliana , as no one will let me see her which kills me inside each & every day 😥 .

Staying strong as Always
Becky xxxx30 Weeks Pregnant 👶😊👶


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