When I was Pregnant with my 1st child , I was Sectioned under the Mental Health & my Baby was removed @ Birth . This Is My Shocking Story In Pictures :) 

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Seconds after giving birth . I wasn’t allowed to hold my baby @ all . 20 mins in the room with her , then she went into foster care .6 Hours after giving birth I arrived @ the psychiatric unit Called Westlands . These r some of the little things that kept me going 🙂 I missed her incredibly but was also very ill @ the same time .I saw my Daughter Taliana for the 1st time 2 weeks after giving birth to her . A contact officer brought her to the Hospital & I had contact sessions but in the Hospital , in 1 of the visitors rooms . I was very excited , but u can clearly c the anxiety with the red rashes . Although I didn’t fully realise how anxious I was , because I was so unwell .These 2 photos r one of…

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